Scuola Channel
(School Channel)

Scuola Channel
(School Channel)

Over the years Kulta has acquired a unique level of expertise on the Italian market in connecting companies and socially responsible bodies with schools, teachers, students and families, through projects able to activate the main stakeholders involved in Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
All this thanks to a Team able to produce content suitable for new media, using the language of the younger generations and for school methodologies. And also thanks to a combination of traditional communication skills (brand corporate communication, value-related, company social responsibility), mastery of the channels and digital channels appropriate for 2.0 schools, and knowledge of the education system, edutainment and the world of young children and adolescents.

Team Kulta, with its extensive experience with many Italian CSR and edutainment  projects aimed at students and teachers, has created and developed the Scuola Channel proprietary platform, conceived to offer schools free educational content on relevant social and cultural topics.
Thanks to Scuola Channel it is possible to: proactively and professionally communicate with the world of education and its actors (teachers, students, families, bodies, institutions), make creativity, produce original content, optimize existing materials, valorise the contributions by all partecipating subjects available for projects, and provide consultancy to Companies and Bodies wishing to promote educational projects and resources useful for the growth of new generations, guaranteeing a unique experience in Italy.

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