Cervelli Ribelli
(Rebellious Minds)

Cervelli Ribelli
(Rebellious Minds)

The “Cervelli Ribelli” Factory is the result of a collaboration between Kulta and writer journalist Gianluca Nicoletti.

Cervelli Ribelli is a strategic communication platform for Partners whose values are in line with the times, with valuing diversity and uniqueness, with proudly and fearlessly showing particular points of view and valuing unique views of the world.

Cervelli Ribelli is already active as a brand, but at the same time it is constantly evolving (as stressed by its payoff “Evolution in progress”) and thus able to adapt and change into strategic as well as tactical initiatives.

Diversity is intended as a contemporary challenge to know how to perceive the value of differences found within all of us and in every manifestation of the natural world. Cognitive, behavioural, relational differences  put at stake our future and the discovery of how everyone has a unique mark to leave behind them.

Cervelli Ribelli, with its multidisciplinary Team lead by Gianluca Nicoletti, is a Factory able to offer ideas, formats, projects, communication spaces and events in collaboration with those who believe that taking on this challenge is an opportunity for growth and for an original and creative evolution able to create real value.

The Cervelli Ribelli Team is strongly focused on producing high quality original concepts and formats ready to be developed and adapted according to requirements that can be defined and shared in each different case.

It can limit itself to creation and design or stretch all the way to actual production and the communication activities related to it.
“Rebellious”, creative and original ideas, fruit of an actual LAB characterized by lateral thinking and knowledge of the different registers, channels and dynamics behind complex and articulate projects.

The workgroup’s expertise guarantees both a consultancy approach and the possibility of taking on production and management of the entire chain of value production.