Kulta is specialized in designing and developing high-quality solutions also producing original content and innovative applications:

Original Content Creation and Infotainment

  • art direction/graphics
  • concept creation and original format production
  • specific copy writing
  • illustration, characters and digital comics (cartoons and graphic novels)
  • infotainment (infographics, maps, podcasts, etc.)
  • videos (clips, tutorials, ads, etc.)

Education projects and Edutainment

  • content consultancy
  • edutainment projects aimed at any school level
  • themed teacher guides
  • family/student guides
  • contests
  • quizzes
  • gamification

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • ad hoc materials and tools (es. Integrated reports, sustainability/DNF reports)
  • art direction/graphics
  • infotainment
  • videos
  • specific content creation

Multichannel Campaigns

  • creative campaign concepts
  • copywriting and art direction
  • adaptation to different channels and development of appropriate tools

Social Media Management

  • editorial planning
  • original content management (cards, targeted posts)
  • campaign and sponsorship management

Back/End Front/End Development

  • websites, portals, competitions
  • hosting and technical infrastructures
  • integration with existing systems (i.e. crm, ecommerce, SSO, etc.)
  • personal data collection, data base, registration and special content

Corporate Training

  • content and material for internal communication and company training (i.e. Diversity Management, Storytelling, Public Speaking, Digital Transformation, etc.)

Fantasy Sports Games Expertise

  • proprietary fantasy football platform (customizable for clients/sponsors)
  • new game concept models

Publishing Expertise

  • journalistic photography (especially for the sports sector but also politics etc.)
  • creation and management of editorial/ journalistic content